Buckeyes, not acorns

Our nation is a model to the world of representative democracy.  The United States is founded upon the principal of government of the people, by the people, for the people.  Such a government is reliant on an electoral system that allows access by qualified voters and confidence that every valid vote is counted.


Here in Ohio, the Secretary of State, Jennifer Brunner, has implemented policies to call into question our general election, in this a crucial Presidential year.  She has allowed voters to vote with no verification of their identity.  Further, of the 600,000 newly registered voters in our state, 1/3 have discrepancies that she is unwilling to share with local boards of elections.  Two courts and multiple judges have stated that no voter would be disenfranchised by an adequate system of verifying registrations and yet the legal wranglings of Brunner continue.


Brunner’s policies are subject to lawsuits that are costing the taxpayers of Ohio untold thousands of dollars as the calendar moves ever closer to Election Day with no assurance that our electoral system will provide valid results.  Brunner, a Democratic officeholder Class of ’06 same as Marc Dann (the disgraced Ohio Attorney General who stepped down mid-term under multiple investigations for wrongdoing), apparently believes that Ohio’s voters will neither know nor care that she chooses to manipulate a system that should be without partisan bias.  In fact, even the ACLU denounced her efforts to deny absentee ballots to thousands of Republican voters as “political maneuvering…[that] violates their constitutional rights.”


When Barack Obama was asked by an Ohio woman,  “I would like to know what you can say to reassure us that this election will not be rigged or stolen?” at an economic forum at Kent State University’s Tuscarawas Campus.  He responded “Well, I tell you what, it helps in Ohio that we’ve got Democrats in charge of the machines.” Then added that he is from Chicago where Democrats have been accused of rigging votes in the past.  (Columbus Dispatch 10/18/08)


In the background of all of this is ACORN, an organization that most Americans were unaware of a few short weeks ago before they descended upon Ohio in droves.  ACORN has made national news including being under investigation by the FBI.  Allegations of voter fraud by ACORN span 13 states.  This same organization used the services of Barack Obama to train its’ volunteers and over $800,000 of Obama’s money in its’ efforts to encourage and sway voters.  Of course, that doesn’t include your tax dollars that have been funneled to this group.


So what can you do?  As all you sports fans know, the best defense is a good offense.  We need to get as many qualified voters out to vote now and in the next 17 days.  This is no time to sit on our hands and lament the behavior of others.  We can and will make a difference if we encourage our families, friends, and neighbors to exercise their right and privilege to have a voice in the future of our Nation.


Ohio has historically been an important deciding state in Presidential elections.  This year will be no different.  Now is the time to volunteer, to talk to your loved ones, and most of all, to vote.


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