Notre Dame Scandal: Life v. Obama

The University of Notre Dame is our nation’s best known Catholic university. As a graduate, I have long been proud to be part of the Fighting Irish family.

I come from a long line of Irish Catholics as the granddaughter of Lorraine O’Connor and William Ryan. My uncle is a Holy Cross Father ordained at Notre Dame where 5 of his 10 nieces and nephews graduated. I grew up attending and teaching Sunday School at my local Catholic church. Although I now attend a non-denominational church, I still believe strongly in the values of my youth including the sanctity of life.

When I graduated from Notre Dame, I lived in married student housing with my husband and our daughters, an infant and a one year old. I didn’t talk about being pro-life, I lived it 24/7 365 days a year. We later adopted a special needs sibling group of three from Children Services. I am an adoption supporter who lives it each and every day.

Therefore, it is amazing to me that my alma mater has extended an invitation to the President to not only speak at commencement but also receive an honorary degree. This is the same President whose stance on abortion and embryonic stem cell research directly contradicts the Catholic Church’s teachings on human life. To date, 10 Holy Cross Fathers and more than a dozen U.S. Bishops have spoken out against the University’s decision. More then 300,000, including me, have signed on to a petition in protest (

In his short tenure, the President has allowed taxpayer dollars to fund overseas abortions, appointed a pro-abortion head to the Department of Health and Human Services, and dedicated federal funds to embryonic stem cell research. As noted in the petition, “Notre Dame has chosen prestige over principles, popularity over morality.”

TEA Party Update:
I was pleased to speak at the Zanesville Tax Day TEA Party this week. Having previously received an award for service at the U.S. Department of Treasury; worked for the Congressional Watchdog, the U.S. General Accounting Office; and been a Legislative Analyst for Ducks Unlimited in Washington, D.C., I appreciated the chance to speak out on the tax and spending that our leaders are currently engaged in. Their decisions are strapping on the backs of our children and grandchildren today’s problems to be paid for with tomorrow’s dollars.

Campaign Update:
As I travel around Southeastern Ohio, I know that many are frightened by the path our nation is currently taking. We are at a crossroads where we can quietly sit back and pass the buck (literally trillions of them) or stand up and make a difference. I hope to have all like-minded conservatives join my team in giving Nancy Pelosi a new title…”former.” I am honored that in just two short weeks, I have already received financial support from more than half of the counties in the 18th district.

Thanks for the chance to meet and speak with you this past week at:
Coshocton County’s Lincoln Day
Zanesville’s Tax Day TEA Party
Guernsey County’s Lincoln Day
Belmont County’s Lincoln Day
Muskingum County’s NRA Banquet
Southern Ohio Republican Chairs Meeting
Ohio Legislative Summit (Ohio Association for Gifted Children)

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